It’s so easy to start to let your emotions guide your life.  And while they are definitely an important part of enjoying and living your life, it can be so toxic to let them control you.  When life gets good, we have this tendency to stray away from God or let our foot off the gas pedal if you will.  For some reason think that we are the reason our life is good, that we did this without God, and that is just so not true.  Good things come from the Lord, and we should not ever try to take credit for that. 

I saw a quote the other day, “When life is a bed of roses, don’t forget who wore the thorns.

This is the gospel in the purest form.  He loved you so much, that His son died the death you deserved, that you still deserve.  We have a good good Father, who shows us the most unconditional love, the never ending forgiveness, and amazing grace, all with no hesitation.  

So next time you find yourself in a season of pure bliss and complete joy, instead of doing what you might normally do, stop and think about the price Jesus paid so that you could live the life you’re living today.  He paid it all, for you.

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